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Learn Pancha Pakchi Sastra in 5 Day's - how to influence your personality through a complete online program

Skill in Foresight see and influence the future before it happens through Pancha Pakshi Sastra

Language: English

Instructors: Sri Ramesh Babu

Validity Period: 15 days

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Pancha Pakshi

  1. Eagle
  2. Owl
  3. Crow
  4. Cock
  5. Peacock


Pancha Pakshi is a system of divination originating in South India that uses five birds as symbols to represent different time periods throughout the day. The five birds are the Vulture, Owl, Crow, Rooster, and Peacock, and each bird is associated with a specific time period and set of characteristics. The system is believed to provide insight into the most favorable times for different activities and can be used for personal and business decision-making, as well as for divination and prediction. The practice of Pancha Pakshi is still popular in some parts of India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, and is often used in conjunction with other forms of divination and astrology.


Pancha Pakshi Sastra is believed to provide insights into favorable times for different activities and decision-making. Here are some benefits of Pancha Pakshi Sastra:

1. Personal and Business Decision Making: Pancha Pakshi Sastra can be used for personal and business decision-making. By identifying the most favorable times for different activities, one can plan and execute tasks more efficiently and effectively.

2. Divination and Prediction: Pancha Pakshi Sastra is also used for divination and prediction. By understanding the characteristics of each bird and the time periods associated with them, one can gain insight into future events and outcomes.

3. Spiritual Growth: Pancha Pakshi Sastra can also aid in spiritual growth by providing a deeper understanding of the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe. By aligning oneself with these rhythms, one can cultivate a greater sense of harmony and balance in life.

4. Self-Awareness: By using Pancha Pakshi Sastra, individuals can become more self-aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the most favorable times for different activities, individuals can maximize their strengths and work on improving their weaknesses.

5. Cultural Significance: Pancha Pakshi Sastra is a part of South Indian culture and tradition. By learning about and practicing Pancha Pakshi Sastra, individuals can gain a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of South India.

Course Curriculum


Expert Guidance from Practitioners

Our program is led by seasoned practitioners with extensive experience in Pancha Pakshi Shastra. Their deep understanding and practical insights ensure that you learn from real-life applications and case studies, making the ancient wisdom directly applicable to your daily life.


Comprehensive and Interactive Curriculum:

We offer a curriculum that not only covers the foundational aspects of Pancha Pakshi Shastra but also delves into advanced techniques and strategies. Our interactive sessions, including live demonstrations and practical exercises, are designed to engage you fully, ensuring a deep and lasting understanding of the subject matter.


Personalized Attention and Support:

With limited enrollment, our program guarantees personalized attention to each participant. This approach allows for a tailored learning experience, ensuring that your individual learning needs are met, and you have the support required to master the techniques taught.


Real-Life Applications:

Our program emphasizes real-life applications of Pancha Pakshi Shastra, helping you understand how to use this ancient knowledge to make informed decisions in various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal growth.

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What is the Pancha Pakshi system, and how can it benefit me?

The Pancha Pakshi system is an ancient Tamil astrological method that uses the concept of five birds to predict and influence the future based on your birth details. It helps you understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses, guiding you to make better decisions in life, enhance your foresight, and effectively manage your time and actions for success.

What will I learn in the 5-day online workshop?

Over five days, you'll learn to identify your governing Pakshi (bird), understand your core characteristics, connect with your elemental nature (Pancha Bootha), and discover how to harness your Pakshi's actions for ruling aspects of your life. This workshop empowers you to foresee and influence future events, turning challenges into opportunities.

How is the workshop structured?

Each day focuses on a specific aspect:

  • Day 1: Find your Pakshi and start connecting with it.
  • Day 2: Deep dive into what your Pakshi reveals about you.
  • Day 3: Explore the connection between you and your Pakshi's elemental nature.
  • Day 4: Learn about your Pakshi's actions and their impact.
  • Day 5: Master how to leverage your Pakshi for life success.

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone interested in ancient wisdom, personal growth, astrology, and those seeking to improve their decision-making skills, understand their life's purpose, or navigate life's ups and downs more effectively. It's particularly beneficial for individuals looking for strategic insights into health, finances, education, profession, and relationships.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee of INR 1499 (discounted from INR 4999) includes access to all five days of live online sessions, a comprehensive workbook, certification upon completion, and exclusive access to a community for ongoing support and learning.

How do I register, and what are the payment options?

You can register by clicking the provided link. Payment options include credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI, with EMI options available for ease of payment. For direct UPI payments without any gateway commission, use the provided UPI ID. Register now to avail of the early bird offer and secure your spot in this transformative journey.

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